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It's good to know that doing a bankruptcy does not make you an unworthy individual/family or that you were not a responsible person. It's good to know that you will continue to have other seminars to give knowledge to those who seek it. Thank you. Look forward to the next one.


We are like Mark & Rita. So glad to know we have options - including bankruptcy. I didn't know that bankruptcy is no longer a stigma.

Jo, Lake Orion

I found the seminar very very informative. The advice that was given could be a life changing experience for most of us. Thanks Thav Gross!

Debra, Warren

Very interesting - made me think but also helped relax my worries about debt.

Jane, Canton

This seminar was very informative. It opened my mind to various options that may be available to me. I am surely glad that I made time to attend.

Dennis Sr

Very informative. I learned how to end my debt during this seminar.

Jacqueline, Detroit

I enjoyed the seminar. You presented some good information. I came for information on student loans and I got some good information. Thank You

Mark - Detroit

I greatly appreciate all of the information shared. I understand this is business for you, but I do believe with your knowledge and guidance, this will free me to live less financially stressed as well as share this knowledge with my sons. With knowledge we can all make better decisions.


The Seminar was very informative and provided useful and relevant ideas to aid in Financial Resolutions.

Dee - Westland

I have attended many financial seminars. Today, I learned some new information. Kenneth and Brian were very thorough.

Kim - Detroit

This is very information seminar. I would like to continue to network with your firm. I want to learn more about estate sale.


Very Aware of the Financial Problems today's families are dealing with and are will to help in the best possible way for each person's situation.

Mike - Detroit

For the first time I feel very informed and I can get some help besides worrying about it in the middle of the night, knowing I can't do it myself.

Mrs. Cordilia Rush

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Gross in the 80's. I have worked with many lawyers and there just isn't any comparison. He is genuinely compassionate, kind, understanding,, very easy to talk to , non-judgmental, honest and goes way beyond to help you out and always gives 200% plus. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of knowing Mr. Gross, at any capacity, knows exactly what I am talking about. No matter how busy he may be he always finds the time to help someone in need. He is one of a very few , in his field, that gives the word "attorney" a great name". He's truly a blessing to all.


Hi, my name is Bernice and this seminar was excellent and full of very important financial issues. I believe that my financial problem and and will be solved. Thank you for this seminar. Very enlightening and informative.


This information was very helpful. I am 25 years old and this is the best, (probably the only), advice that I have received in regard to taxes, student loads, credit card debt etc. Thank you for this valuable information on the "Financial Crisis".


I appreciate Thav Gross giving me 32 years of experience during this seminar. Very informative.


Although I'm ending bankruptcy in August, I found the information valuable. It wasn't helpful in the current state I'm in, but looking forward to having a consultation for budgeting and estate planning.


This seminar was super wonderful. I walked out smarter.

Alicia, Detroit MI

Wealth of Information. Learned allot about debt resolution.

Rommo, Farmington Hills

Very informative - Love the strategies. A lot of information that I was unaware of. Thank you.

Kate Smith, Farmington Hills, MI

I was made aware of multiple options that I can explore. Mistakes were made but they are history. I am looking forward to focusing on the future.

Tom, Clinton Township, MI

I wish I had this information two years ago before my husband and I lost our home.

Jackie, Harper Wood, MI

Just enough information to be helpful, but not overwhelming. You have my attention.


Very insightful, so much I did not know. Feel better that I have so many options.

Rick, Ecorse MI

The seminar was very informative. RE: numerous options for credit crisis situations.

Tina J. Clarkston

This seminar answered any of the questions I had about bankruptcy. I now feel that I can make an educated decision whether to file bankruptcy or try debt resolution.

- Mary W, Detroit

Very Enlightening. These folks know what they're doing!

Jim, Southfield

The seminar definitely expanded my understanding of the options available to me. Thank you for making it available.

- Dave, St. Clair Shores

This seminar provided me with lots of useful information and was good about making sure I know what options are available to me.

Julie, Southfield
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You will receive current news and information relevant to Michigan residents regarding important legal, financial and political issues each month. And be the first to be notified of events, FREE seminars, new book and special reports released.

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