Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg, renowned criminal defense attorney, has joined THAV GROSS PC as “Of Counsel.” Scott handles all the criminal for the firm and will be a regular team member of Law and Reality – on our TV and Radio programs.

Scott’s addition to our law firm allows us to expand the range of services we currently provide to include criminal law representation, ranging from traffic offenses, assaults, drug offenses and every other type of criminal matter. Scott is a seasoned veteran criminal defense attorney. He is a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and has been defending 1000s of Michigan clients for over 25 years. He joined the firm of Bufalino and Palazzola and trained with renowned attorney William E. Bufalino for years, before starting his own practice, Michigan Criminal Lawyers Association, PC. Scott has been an expert commentator for Court TV, NBC and CBS news shows for years.

Scott has a wide range of expertise. He connects with most of the prosecutors and Judges in town and knows how to get the best result for our clients. He is known for defending all types of criminal cases, from high-profile media cases to simple matters taken care of in the middle of the night with the right phone call.


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