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About Ken Gross

Ken Gross is the Firm’s Managing Shareholder and co-founding shareholder. In 2008, in the midst of the collapse of the U.S. Economy, Ken started the Financial Crisis Talk Center TV and Radio Show. With the recession having become old news, the name of the show was changed to Law & Reality. The show airs on TV20 in Metro Detroit and FOX 66 in Flint on Sunday mornings at 11 AM, and “Law and Reality Live” airs as a radio show Tuesday’s from Noon to 1 PM on WCHB 1200AM/99.9FM. Ken recently published DUMP YOUR DEBT – “So your income goes in the bank and not to the bank.” The book, published by OPT Books is a hands on guide to financial crisis issues.

Your Estate Plan Is Probably Out Of Date

Oh, come on. Redoing an estate plan sounds about as exciting as purchasing tires! Well, it just so happens that tires are a perfect analogy. It is not fun to buy tires; it is necessary if the tread is unsafe - leaving your tires, your foundation for safety on [...]

A Special Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving. A time to gather with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company, officially begin the holiday season, a day to fill our bellies with delicious food, and a day to spend with our loved ones. AND..... the day before the official start of “spending season. “. “Black Friday,” [...]

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Are You Average? Above Average? Or Below Average?

Strange things are afoot in the world.  Prices are going up, and paychecks are not; yet, we seem to complain instead of looking for solutions that offer us financial freedom. Financial freedom, in fact, starts with eliminating financial waste. At Thav Gross, we can help you eliminate the financial [...]

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I’m Paying My Credit Card Bills Every Month – What’s The Issue?

In case you’re not in the mood to read this entire blog, I’ll reduce the answer to two words – “Your Future!” In Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye sings, “If I were a rich man . . . dibby dibby dum. . . .” If you’re carrying $30,000 or [...]

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Why Do I Need That?

A friend of mine asked me the other day, "Why do I need an estate plan? Everything I own has a beneficiary designation on it." I looked at him and said, "Your beneficiary designation handles the most unimportant aspect of an estate plan, the money." The beneficiary designation sends [...]

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September Morn . . .

It seems like yesterday . . . the sadness I felt at the end of the summer recess, coupled with some excitement for the start of the new school year. For me, the sadness of summer's end was weightier than the excitement of the school return. A couple of [...]

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Chapter 13 – Expanded Eligibility

In June, the president signed into law new bankruptcy legislation that expanded and simplified eligibility for Chapter 13 bankruptcy by changing and increasing the debt limits. In the bankruptcy world, this is incredible news, as it may be incredible news for you. Chapter 13 debtors now can have up [...]

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