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About Ken Gross

Ken Gross is the Firm’s Managing Shareholder and co-founding shareholder. In 2008, in the midst of the collapse of the U.S. Economy, Ken started the Financial Crisis Talk Center TV and Radio Show. With the recession having become old news, the name of the show was changed to Law & Reality. The show airs on TV20 in Metro Detroit and FOX 66 in Flint on Sunday mornings at 11 AM, and “Law and Reality Live” airs as a radio show Tuesday’s from Noon to 1 PM on WCHB 1200AM/99.9FM. Ken recently published DUMP YOUR DEBT – “So your income goes in the bank and not to the bank.” The book, published by OPT Books is a hands on guide to financial crisis issues.

COVID-19 News – Business Owners Take Action Now!

The new, $2 Trillion Act to provide assistance is called CARES – and has now passed the House and Senate. By the time you read this, the President will probably have signed it and it will be law. There are many relief provisions in the Act, but I want [...]

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COVID-19: I’m Out Of Work And Have Limited / No Cash…What To Do?

I will cut to the chase. We don’t know how long this will last – but each day means less money (or no money) to pay for essential items and greater fear. Here are my suggestions for the many, many people who have no cash reserves. If you have [...]

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How To Stay Afloat In Wake Of Coronavirus

We are facing an unprecedented event. Moment to moment, we are witnessing the shutdown of economic activity everywhere. The grocery stores are buzzing, and people are scrambling to grab each roll of toilet paper they can. Needless to say, rationality is not pervasive. What to do? Focus on the [...]

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Art Van Closing – One Way To Recover The Extended Warranty Cost

Like all Michiganders, I feel profound sadness for the closing of Art Van; for the loss of its mark on Michigan, and for the thousand of loyal employees who are losing their jobs. From what I’ve read, this was a failure attributable to bad managers – more than the [...]

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Why You Need An Estate Plan

This is a simple question and the answer is a stark reality. Your future – like it or not – includes illness and, ultimately, death. You need an estate plan to address both of these contingencies. If you’re a young married couple with children – you also need an [...]

Be Prepared And Learn From Your Mistakes

I was interested in watching the Democratic debate this week to see how Mayor Bloomberg would fare, and to learn more about him. Would he instill in me the passion I’m looking for in a candidate – integrity, respect, candor and respect for our what our Country stands for [...]

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Changes To Fico Scoring May Lower Your Score – OMG!

Wow – this is a crisis. As reported in the Wall Street Journal on January 23, 2020, FICO announced its newest software version used by its financial institution customers will change the rating mix. The changes will be designed to lower scores on consumers that have high debt levels [...]

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Did You Get Carried Away?

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL reported on January 16th that December retail sales increased a seasonally adjusted 0.3% from a month earlier. The Article goes on to quote Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM US LLP, indicating, “The consumer’s in solid shape,” and “a good description of this report would [...]

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You Know What You Need To Do

The situation comes up in many instances. Here’s one. You constantly say to yourself, “I function much better when I’m organized, so I need to unscramble the mess in my office and get back to having a To-Do list updated daily and documents properly filed and organized online to [...]

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Insist Upon Character and Eliminate Procrastination

I always reflect during the holidays. While I often assess – the holidays are a time where I look at where we stand as a nation and do a self- assessment as to personal and business goals. I watched some of my favorite movies; Dave, The American President, Remember [...]

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