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Can I Afford To Settle My Credit Card Debt?

Pause for a second and ask, “What does that mean – Can I afford to settle my credit card debt?” Of course, you know it’s a mistake to carry credit card debt and pay usurious rate interest to credit card companies. If you have $50,000 of credit card debt [...]

By |2022-10-20T15:02:59-04:00October 17th, 2022|Credit Card, Credit Score, Debt Relief, Financial, Retirement|0 Comments

The Rear View Mirror And My New Year’s Resolution

As I backed down my driveway today, I glanced down to look at my back up camera and then for some reason, I glanced up at the rearview mirror. I thought isn’t it funny how times have changed and we don’t use the mirror much anymore, instead we rely [...]

By |2021-12-30T15:56:25-05:00December 30th, 2021|Holiday|0 Comments

Don’t Keep It In Perspective

Perspective - an interesting word. As I watched the news this week, the stories of human tragedy moved me to tears. Children killing children in school in Oxford, two women and a police officer were killed in a domestic violence incident in Georgia, six people died after being run [...]

By |2021-12-10T10:19:32-05:00December 10th, 2021|Special Message|0 Comments

Insist Upon Character and Eliminate Procrastination

I always reflect during the holidays. While I often assess – the holidays are a time where I look at where we stand as a nation and do a self-assessment as to personal and business goals. I watch some of my favorite movies; Dave, The American President, Remember the [...]

By |2021-11-24T15:02:54-05:00November 24th, 2021|Bankruptcy, Credit Card, Debt Relief|0 Comments

Stress, Financial Crisis, Garbage Cans, and Let the Sunshine In

The father of a friend of mine passed away. His father was a wonderful guy, but organization was not his thing. My friend was stressed over his death and went into panic mode - sifting through endless stacks of documents. Instead of looking at the documents, he was just [...]

Sorry To Tell You…But Your Estate Plan Is Probably Out Of Date!

Oh, come on. Redoing my estate plan sounds about as exciting as purchasing tires! Well, it just happens that tires are a perfect analogy. No one wants to buy tires; it is a necessity that occurs when the tread reaches a dangerous level - leaving your tires, the foundation [...]

Don’t Make It Harder Than It Already Is

You have to make this call: “Hello Cable Company, I’m calling for on my father’s account. He’s 85 years old and I just received his bill and see you have charged him $29.00 for Cinemax the last two months and he never ordered it.” The Cable Representative replies, “I’m [...]

By |2021-10-21T12:49:40-04:00October 21st, 2021|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Why You Need An Estate Plan

This is a simple question, and the answer is a stark reality. Your future – like it or not – includes illness and, ultimately, death. You need an estate plan to address both contingencies. If you’re a young married couple with children – you also need an Estate Plan [...]

Should I Take The Deal?

Clients often ask me this question and I always ask myself the same question. Sometimes it is in the employment context. Should I accept the offer or ask for more money? In this case, my advice is usually, “Go ahead and ask.” My reasoning is that if they have [...]

You Won’t See Wisdom Watching the News…

Simply stated – Congress is divided and so is America. Division breeds ignorance, and in my view and we are all witnessing more than our share of it – on every side of the isle. Wash, Rinse, Repeat... the story of American politics. So, instead of focusing on Congress [...]

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