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There’s Hard Work And Then There’s B.S.

Check out his headline from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from Wednesday: CFPB Finds Credit Card Companies Charged $12 Billion in Late Fee Penalties in 2020 Largest credit card issuers expected to hike fees further The article goes on to indicate that current first-time late fees have increased to [...]

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Debt Collection And Social Media

Debt collection has arrived to the 21st century. It was bad enough when you were behind on your bills and debt collectors were calling you day and night; now, they have technology on their side. New rules just approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allow lenders to email, text, [...]

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Stress, Financial Crisis, Garbage Cans, and Let the Sunshine In

The father of a friend of mine passed away. His father was a wonderful guy, but organization was not his thing. My friend was stressed over his death and went into panic mode - sifting through endless stacks of documents. Instead of looking at the documents, he was just [...]

Should I Take The Deal?

Clients often ask me this question and I always ask myself the same question. Sometimes it is in the employment context. Should I accept the offer or ask for more money? In this case, my advice is usually, “Go ahead and ask.” My reasoning is that if they have [...]

It’s Time For A Better Financial Song

The Holiday season has begun . . . but it feels completely different. The Pandemic has put fear regarding our health and economic future center stage at the time we want to be sharing the joy of the season with each other. Depression and mental fatigue are wearing on [...]

Credit Card Debt Is Rolling Up With The Economy – Don’t Be A Debt Turkey

Yes, the jobs report on Friday was strong, along with wage growth. Does this mean we’re all doing well? Making more than we are spending, saving the excess and watching our 401k and IRAs grow? For some, the answer is yes. For others, it’s not that easy. On October [...]

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Waiting Too Long Is Devastating To Your Future

Meet Betty and Fred. They are 70 and 71, respectively. They own their home that has returned to limited equity of $25,000 following the financial crisis. Their mortgage payment is $1,500 per month and their car payment is $375. In addition, they have $60,000 of credit card debt that [...]

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