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Ken – So, How Do You Settle Credit Card Debt?

A lot of friends ask me this, because they know Thav Gross has made a mark for resolving credit card debt outside of bankruptcy – though a process we call “Debt Resolution.” In 2007, I created our Debt Resolution program as a means of resolving credit card debt for [...]

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We’re Getting Sucked In Again…

Yesterday’s economic report indicating 4.1% growth in the second quarter is good news for the economy – but is it good for you? The Wall Street Journal indicated that “Consumers, buoyed by low unemployment, steady job growth, and recent tax cuts – ramped up their spending at a robust [...]

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Oh, If I Could Just Do It All Over Again

Have you said these words? I have – and I know you have. Inevitably, it means you made a mistake and would like a redo. We say it, but we know there are no “re-dos.” I most often say this to myself when I think back to the $$$$$$ [...]

Which Means More to You? 3.9% or 20.90%?

I’m sure the current Administration was happy to see some good news on the unemployment rate that they could tout rather than another day about Stormy, the Michaels (that is Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti), Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, not to mention Rudy Giuliani, the latest character on [...]

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Is it a Good Thing? Consumer Spending Declined and Savings Increased

Last month – the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.3% - slightly off the 3% growth rate for the last 3 quarters of 2017. The major drawback to growth was a 3.3% decline in consumer spending for durable goods. Surprisingly, consumers emboldened with extra cash in their paychecks [...]

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It Takes Effort to Get it Right – You Must Follow Through!

We all hear it from time to time: someone complaining that whatever project they were working on faltered and certain aspects came up short. True... things don’t always go right and sometimes it is the fault of others that causes failure. On the other hand, while we often would like [...]

Which is Worse? -Choices to Make

So, which is Worse? Going to the Dentist? Replacing the Tires on your Car? or – Making your Payments on Your Credit Cards? Let’s break it down. The positive to the dentist lies in preventing more serious problems with your mouth and taking defined steps to improve or maintain your [...]

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Are You A Deadbeat or a Revolver? Intoxicants Come in Different Forms

It sucks you in. When you use it, you feel good; You have obtained the high you were looking for. When used with moderation, it can provide a useful function and on the positive side, this intoxicant does not impair driving or motor skills. Like most intoxicants, it is [...]

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Teach Your Children by Setting an Example on Credit Cards

The actions we take as parents create an imprint on our children – and this extends beyond what we think we are teaching them by way of discussion. Actions do speak louder than words. If you are a saver – and you make known to the family that credit [...]

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