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What If They Take Away My Available Credit?

There are a number of questions I get asked about Credit Cards – but the two most common are, “What if they take away my Available Credit?” and “What about my Credit Score?” Let’s tackle both of these. The “Available Credit” question stems from a combination of two concerns. [...]

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What Is The Longest Period You Can Wait To Save For Retirement?

This is a loaded question. The answer is, "However long you have waited, you have waited the longest time you can!"I will state the obvious to anyone who is 55+ years and wishes they would have begun planning for retirement much earlier. With that knowledge, the answer is simple, “You [...]

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It Doesn’t Take All That Much To Realize…

I like this title --- it prompts you to fill in rest of the clause. There are innumerable “fill ins” and I will leave you to think about them. Instead, I will share the one that prompted this Blast. Over the last six weeks, I contracted one of those [...]

There’s a New Devil in Town – Business Owners, Beware!

Have you heard of the “Gangster Loan?” My guess is you have not. The “Gangster Loan” is the name given by a client of ours that took out one of those business loans you hear and see advertised on radio and TV. The gist of the deal is “We [...]

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Sorry To Tell You…But Your Estate Plan Is Probably Out Of Date!

Oh, come on. Redoing my estate plan sounds about as exciting as purchasing tires! Well – it just happens that tires are a perfect analogy. No one wants to buy tires – it is a necessity that occurs when the tread reaches a dangerous level – leaving your tires [...]

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OMG – I Owe Taxes! What To Do?

All around our great nation, taxpayers are receiving some bad news from their tax preparers. Rather than receiving a refund, they owe more in tax! Such a result is possible in any year for any taxpayer, but because of the adjustments to withholding that occurred with the new Tax [...]

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Don’t Do It! But If You Do…

I hear the question all the time -- is it okay to co-sign or guaranty a student loan for my child or grandchild? It's a common issue, just read this quote from the Wall Street Journal: Roughly 93% of all new private student loan dollars extended to undergraduate students [...]

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We Don’t Bluff

My last Blast explained how we are often engaged to resolve financial problems for businesses and individuals with the goal of avoiding bankruptcy . I went on to explain how we address this goal for individuals using our unique “Debt Resolution” solution and how important it is that a [...]

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