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Is it a Good Thing? Consumer Spending Declined and Savings Increased

Last month – the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.3% - slightly off the 3% growth rate for the last 3 quarters of 2017. The major drawback to growth was a 3.3% decline in consumer spending for durable goods. Surprisingly, consumers emboldened with extra cash in their paychecks [...]

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It Takes Effort to Get it Right – You Must Follow Through!

We all hear it from time to time: someone complaining that whatever project they were working on faltered and certain aspects came up short. True... things don’t always go right and sometimes it is the fault of others that causes failure. On the other hand, while we often would like [...]

Which is Worse? -Choices to Make

So, which is Worse? Going to the Dentist? Replacing the Tires on your Car? or – Making your Payments on Your Credit Cards? Let’s break it down. The positive to the dentist lies in preventing more serious problems with your mouth and taking defined steps to improve or maintain your [...]

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Are You A Deadbeat or a Revolver? Intoxicants Come in Different Forms

It sucks you in. When you use it, you feel good; You have obtained the high you were looking for. When used with moderation, it can provide a useful function and on the positive side, this intoxicant does not impair driving or motor skills. Like most intoxicants, it is [...]

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Teach Your Children by Setting an Example on Credit Cards

The actions we take as parents create an imprint on our children – and this extends beyond what we think we are teaching them by way of discussion. Actions do speak louder than words. If you are a saver – and you make known to the family that credit [...]

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Can the U.S Handle its Debt? Can You Handle Your Debt?

I was watching Rand Paul filibuster the spending bill on Thursday. Politics aside, he’s a talented speaker and his discourse rang true on many points. Have you seen the movie, Dave, starring Kevin Kline who plays the dual role of the President and the President’s stand-in? It is what [...]

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Did Your Take-Home Pay Increase? Great – Let’s Get Back To The Basics!

The new withholding charts are being released, and 90% of W-2 wage earners should realize an increase in their take-home pay. That’s great! "Let’s go shopping!" Hold on a second. Is that what you think you should do? This is precisely what the advocates of the tax cut want [...]

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I Will Try Not To Be Debbie Downer…Household Debt Is On The Rise

I noticed this in the Wall Street Journal online today: "Broad growth in borrowing over the summer months was the latest sign of consumer confidence as the U.S. economy enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 17 years. After years of deleveraging in the wake of the 2007-09 recession, [...]

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The New Consumer Financial Protection Board – “TAHB”

Times move fast in Washington - that is, when it comes to reporting new controversies - not progress. If you can remember back to last weekend - the hot topic was that Richard Cordray resigned as the Deputy Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and then a conflict [...]

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Thanksgiving and Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving – a favorite holiday for Americans of every race and political persuasion. The one time of the year that families come together from around the country to celebrate being together and being part of our country. It’s a great holiday – with great food and fun.We live in [...]

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