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Thanksgiving and Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving – a favorite holiday for Americans of every race and political persuasion. The one time of the year that families come together from around the country to celebrate being together and being part of our country. It’s a great holiday – with great food and fun.We live in [...]

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I’m Sorry, There’s Nothing We Can Do

Don't you just hate these words? I do. The scenario is typically the same. You're requesting assistance from someone at an organization, and no matter what you say to them - there is some reason existing that precludes them from rendering any assistance. If you are calling the State [...]

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From Impossible to Possible – Having the Durable Power of Attorney

I was fortunate. My father lived a long, healthy life to age 91. His last year was difficult with dementia, a fall leading to rehab, and then another leading to the nursing home. But that’s how it goes. Whether we are the one who ages, the spouse, or the [...]

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Stop It! Things Can Be Much, Much Worse!

Our problems - financial, health, and family - are relative. The events of the past month with Harvey and the destruction to-date caused by Irma – and her looming disaster to come – are reasons to pause. For many of us, there is always something going on with our [...]

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Houston…we have a problem!

Houston...we have a problem! In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article indicating that the Financial Health of Americans has improved. The article indicates in a survey that “A total of 70% of respondents said they were either “living comfortably” or “doing okay,” up from 62% when the [...]

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