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September Morn . . .

It seems like yesterday . . . the sadness I felt at the end of the summer recess, coupled with some excitement for the start of the new school year. For me, the sadness of summer's end was weightier than the excitement of the school return. A couple of [...]

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Financial Freedom: Just One Horse Away

The recession is coming.. the recession is coming!!! Can you all hear that? A vision of Paul Revere on horseback warning the people should be running through your head. If you watch the news, we should be afraid of the coming recession. The problem is, the news warns us, [...]

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COVID-19 Financial Survival Free Webinar to Build Your Strategy!

I think we can summarize the financial situation succinctly – “it sucks.” I recognize the words are rather crass – but the situation – for the vast majority of all Americans – is dire and frightening. Unless there is a significant change in the medical realities – we are [...]

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How To Stay Afloat In Wake Of Coronavirus

We are facing an unprecedented event. Moment to moment, we are witnessing the shutdown of economic activity everywhere. The grocery stores are buzzing, and people are scrambling to grab each roll of toilet paper they can. Needless to say, rationality is not pervasive. What to do? Focus on the [...]

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That’s A Lot Of Jobs – 315,000, But Houston, We Have Some Problems…

Federal Employees with No Paycheck – A Solution Is there a Housing Issue? Friday’s jobs report was impressive. New jobs created of 315,000 – that’s a super big number. So is all rosy in the Homeland? If you’re a federal employee who is being asked to “hang in there” [...]

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Can the U.S Handle its Debt? Can You Handle Your Debt?

Congress seems to be at a standstill again. Us vs. Them. Republicans vs. Democrats. Do nothing vs. Do Nothing. It is amazing... no matter who is in office you can expect the government to be inefficient. As I read the news about Congress yet again not agreeing that the [...]

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Thanksgiving and Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving – a favorite holiday for Americans of every race and political persuasion. The one time of the year that families come together from around the country to celebrate being together and being part of our country. It’s a great holiday – with great food and fun.We live in [...]

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