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Some People Don’t Know How to Take a Compliment!

My wife, daughter, and I were enjoying a stroll early on Saturday evening in Miami. To our right and just ahead of us, my wife noticed a convertible and remarked, "I didn't know they still make Sebrings." I looked over and noticed a black convertible with what looked like the [...]

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Farewell my Friend – You Set the Standard

A consequence of gaining in years – is that if you are lucky enough to live long enough, you see more and more of your friends pass away.  It’s looking like that kind of year for me. Last Sunday, Cliff Russell, my friend and host with me of Law and [...]

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If We Can’t Protect Our Children, What Good Are We?

I wanted to write about my disgust that the new five-year strategic plan released by Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney represents what I call the “worst that government has to offer” - in that he’s now seized control of the one agency that was really helping consumers and has [...]

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I Slept Well Last Night

I slept well last night. These are words that I enjoy hearing. Unfortunately, they typically come because the client has told me that they have spent the last six months to three years not sleeping, and worrying about a debt or tax problem. The conversation occurs after we meet and [...]

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