Debt collection has arrived to the 21st century. It was bad enough when you were behind on your bills and debt collectors were calling you day and night; now, they have technology on their side. New rules just approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allow lenders to email, text, and even message you on social media.

Under the new rules, debt collectors who contact you on social media must identify themselves as debt collectors. However, believe it or not, the rules let them send you a friend request. I ASSURE YOU, NO ONE WANTS A DEBT COLLECTOR FOR A FRIEND, and you do not want to let them see your social media posts. In fact, as you are reading this, I suggest you immediately make all your social media private and only allow your friends to see it. That being said, the collectors must give you the option to opt out of being contacted online, and any messages they send have to be private — collectors can’t post on your page if it can be seen by your contacts or the public. Collection agencies can also email and text message you, but must still offer the ability to opt out.

These new rules will create an environment for scammers and bad collectors to hound you. So, opt out, keep a record of who is contacting you, how often, whether they continue to contact you after you opt out.

Now, the underlying issue is – what should you do about the debt that they are hounding you over? As we head into the new year, a fresh start is in order. We can help you get rid of the debt you owe and get rid of the debt collectors at the same time. The tools of financial crisis management such as bankruptcy, debt resolution, and budget management are available to you to kick the debt collectors to the curb. Call us today for a free consultation and we will put the debt collectors into the past where they belong. I can be reached at 1.888.235.4357 to set up a free consultation.

Happy Holidays!

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