Perspective – an interesting word. As I watched the news this week, the stories of human tragedy moved me to tears. Children killing children in school in Oxford, two women and a police officer were killed in a domestic violence incident in Georgia, six people died after being run down by a madman while watching a Thanksgiving day parade, and someone had the nerve to say to me that I had to keep it all in perspective. What the hell does that mean? People are dying. Each death was senseless and should never have happened. There is no reason for any of these deaths . Yes, in this world some people are good and some are bad but we have become so jaded and accepting of the bad in this world that too many of us say “keep it in perspective.” Ok, I will give you perspective. Killing each other is terrible. It is unacceptable. It is never ok to say “keep it in perspective”. Our children are dying, our families are dying, our friends are dying and many people we know have become accepting of this.

Normally this post is about some form of legal advice or a commentary about protecting yourself and your family through estate planning or financial crisis management or other legal methods. This time is different. In light of the tragedies unfolding daily before our eyes, I ask you to step back, absorb what is going on in our world and grab our humanity back from the cold hard world. Shed a tear for our loss of humanity. Hug your family, share peace and love with them. Embrace all that is good in this world and recognize that the tragedies that are occurring daily are not acceptable. Share a good thought with someone, be accepting of others, their differences and their opinions and most of all, be kind. It takes very little effort to be kind but it can mean so much. So, for the sake of humanity, I ask you to stop keeping the human tragedy that is unfolding around us “in perspective” and make sure you share that it is unacceptable and needs to change. Each little act of kindness can make a difference.

To those who have lost a love one to senseless violence, you are in my prayers. To everyone, I wish you all peace and love and kindness and I have hope for a better tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference.


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