The good news is that it’s mid-March- with March Madness on the basketball front and the anticipation of Spring – baseball and all the good things that follow. I’m one of those people that craves sunshine. Winter gets to me from the consistent dreary weather – clouds and more clouds – than the cold. A sunny day – makes me feel good, upbeat and ready to take on the world. Too many clouds, however, and I want to crawl under the covers and wait it out!

Dreary weather is not the only thing that gets us down. Over the years – I’ve learned and watched – the sadness and frustration people feel when no matter what they do – they cannot get out from the burdens of too much debt. In simple turns – it’s a downer. The more you think about your financial future – if you can’t tackle the debt issues – it becomes too much like cloudy weather, Eight Days of the Week. So how do we tackle these problems? If you can’t handle the clouds and dreariness of Winter in Michigan – your choices are to move, vacation more or simply bite the bullet and wait for the sun to shine. The good thing is – Winter does not last 12 months – so you can count on relief and feeling good – at least until the next cometh of Old Man Winter. Debt, however, is not like that – it is not seasonal – and you can’t escape it by moving South or West. The solution is you have to conquer it – destroy it, kill it – get it the heck out of town! Here’s the good news – While we have no system, method, advice on how to eliminate dreary Winter weather, we do know how to get rid of debt – and we know the fastest ways at the least possible costs – in every situation. The situations vary – from person to person, house to house and business to business – but the process of analyzing the best way to eliminate the debt is a constant. The key is to identify the problem, determine the solution and then take the action. The result is more than relief from debt. It’s gaining freedom and optimism for a financial future. As I see it – it’s like turning everyday into one of sunny skies and mild weather.

This is what we do – and we enjoy it because the outcome turns distress to happiness. If you or a friend are fighting debt issues – please come to our upcoming FREE SEMINAR – it’s Wednesday, March 27th – “Time to Spring Me From the Debt Burden.” To sign up, follow the link below.

Now perhaps you can solve my problem – can you show me how to drive the ball 250 yards, down the middle, time and time again? That’s a taste of sunshine I’d like to capture.

Spring is coming. Have a great week,

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