This week the world buried Queen Elizabeth. The whole world watched, yet she is no different than you and I; just as she has died, none of us will get out of this alive. She spent a lifetime protecting Great Britain and protecting her family.

Obviously, most of the world does not have the resources that the Queen of England had, but every asset we do have is precious. Further, fortunately, most of us do not have our every move and action watched by the entire world. We are private people, and we like to keep things private. The Queen was not afforded this luxury, but if you want to keep things private, an estate plan will help you achieve this goal.

If you die without a proper estate plan, your assets and liabilities are exposed to the world via the probate system. A Judge puts everything into a public record, and even your next-door neighbor can learn of the family assets.

I personally found it very strange and overwhelming that the entire Royal family was on display this week, not being afforded the right to bury their mother and grandmother privately. I additionally found it disturbing that the value of the private assets of the Queen was splashed all over TV and the papers. I presume that having such a high net worth keeps anything from being private, but for you and I, ordinary people, a Trust will keep things private. Thus the advantage goes to the everyday person.

The proper estate plan includes a will, trust, patient advocate, and durable power of attorney. These are the documents you need to protect yourself while alive and to ensure your assets are dealt with privately when you die.

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