Are you a Procrastinator? I understand it is not uncommon, particularly when it comes to family matters, to procrastinate. If I could put off taking the trash out on Sunday – I certainly would (but of course, I can’t)!

We’ve been doing estate plans and lecturing on the topic for many years. The obvious example of procrastination is all the people who have not done an estate plan – no Trust and no Will – to address the disposition of your estate when you die; no Durable Power of Attorney and no Patient Advocate (often called a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare) to address critically important issues while you are living, and no Guardian appointment for your minor children.

So, do you have an Estate Plan? If yes, you’ve passed Test #1 on Procrastination. If no, you flunked, and you need to address the issue. It’s as simple as that.

Now for Test #2 – Have you met with your spouse or children and prepared a Memo providing them with a means to access your cell phone, computer and all password protected accounts you have – in the event of your demise? We’ve all heard of making a “bad situation, worse.” This expression does not do justice to the heartache and anxiety your loved ones go through when you die – without warning – and beyond grieving over your passing, they are handcuffed to the extent they can’t gain access to your critical accounts. If you have had the meeting and prepared the Memo, congratulations, you’ve passed Test #2 – and you are not (in my humble view) a procrastinator!

For the 95% of you who failed either of the tests – I have good news. This Wednesday evening, January 31, 2018, we are hosting a FREE Seminar – “Elimination of the Estate Plan Procrastinator.” We can’t solve your tendency to procrastinate and I’m not coming over to take your trash out – but we can solve the Estate Planning issues for you – just sign up below and attend. Best yet, attendees receive a Gold Certificate for $300 off the cost of an Estate Plan (you must attend to obtain the certificate).