It was just a normal Thursday. Got up, went to the office and engaged in the normal day-to-day antics of being a lawyer and trying to run a business. Went to the gym, worked out – felt good. Stopped for carryout on the way home – felt good, the week was almost over and was enjoying dinner with Bonnie, my wife.

The phone rings. A friend calls me to tell me that a close, lifelong friend, just collapsed and died. A buddy of mine – from our school days and for 35 years since. Never once did we argue – we shared good times – raised our families – and enjoyed our friendship for all these years. Last week he became a grandpa. Crush – just like that – he’s gone – leaving wife, kids, his siblings and Dad. I’m numb. Why him? Should I take solace in that it was not me? Crush – I feel so numb and so sad for his family.

We’ve all been here – or if not, if you live long enough you will be. Life comes; life goes. Good things come to an end. When this happens – it’s so easy to realize the insignificance of the day-to-day stresses and battles we wage. We say to ourselves – we better smell the roses while we can. We need to appreciate what we have and who we have. The problem is – a couple of weeks pass and we resume the day to day. We forget to smell the roses and we get mired in the same issues – we deemed to be insignificant.

It’s the holidays. Smell the roses. Remember the big picture. Tell those you care about – that you love them. Remember those who are no longer with us. Think about them – maybe they will hear your thoughts.

Be well,