Yes, don’t ya just love James Brown? Beyond feeling “hot” in this heat wave, I’m feeling good.

The other day, I bumped into Bob (I changed his name), a client who I had not seen for a while. Back in 2015, Bob was saddled with $85,000 of credit card debt that was literally killing him. His monthly budget could barely manage the $2,125 per month of monthly credit card payments he had to make (no big surprise, who could afford to do that?), his income was too high for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and the pressure was causing major marital distress. His income was so high, that if we put him in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, he would have had to pay back virtually all of the debt over 5 years. Instead, we did our system of Debt Resolution and resolved all of the debt over the following 18-24 month period – using the monthly payments he was making – leaving Bob debt free with zero monthly payments on his cards by the before the 2018 New Year. So, rather than being out of debt in 5 years – he was debt free inside of two years – and did so by using the money he would have been paying month to month on the credit card debt.

Why did I feel good? The answer is because when I saw him, he came over and said, “Thank you. You saved my life, my marriage, and my future.” Beyond the words, the gracious look in his eyes conveyed how sincere he felt.

We all work for a living. We toil, we stress, and we go on – day by day, week by week, and year by year. Now and then, we capture moments that give us the rewards that make us want to jump up and yell, “Yes!” For me, this was such a moment. It makes what I do more important than earning a living – it makes me happy to know that what we do can change the life and future of our clients.

Debt Resolution was the right move for Bob. But the solution for Bob was not necessarily the best solution for everyone. Financial situations vary. The amount of income you have, whether you have equity in a home or savings, and how many family members you are supporting all go into the equation. The answer for everyone is – you need to find the optimal manner to eliminate debt at the least possible cost and as quickly as possible – because by doing so, you begin to save that money for your future. This is true for all.

Whether the smartest move is using the bankruptcy laws or resolving the debt outside of bankruptcy via Debt Resolution or Budget Management – requires the proper analysis of your situation. The same is true if you are struggling with a tax problem. There are several available solutions, but you need the right assistance to make sure you find the optimal solution. This is what we do – and when we do it and see the results, we feel good.

As James Brown would say, “So good, so good.” If I happened to pique your interest as to how we approach resolving debt, be sure to join us for our upcoming FREE Seminar this coming Wednesday evening, July 24th at 6 PM, “Resolving Personal & Business Debt.” I can tell you this – our seminar will make you feel good. So, if interested, sign up below.

Have a great weekend,


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