Don’t you just hate these words? I do. The scenario is typically the same. You’re requesting assistance from someone at an organization, and no matter what you say to them – there is some reason existing that precludes them from rendering any assistance.

If you are calling the State Lottery Commission and asking for next week’s winning lottery numbers, that’s a situation where you can’t be helped – and for that matter, if you’re making the call – the help you need is clearly psychological in order.

On the other hand, suppose you’re calling the Bank, asking them to provide you online access to your aging Mother’s bank accounts so you can pay her bills; or you are speaking with the telephone or cable company and you want to reduce the monthly charges your elderly parents are receiving each month – when they don’t even know how to work the remote control beyond up and down on volume and channels. In this scenario, the representative will ask if you have a Power of Attorney for your parents. If you do – you can typically email it right over to the person you are talking to and proceed to accomplish your task. If you don’t have the power, the representative will say, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”

Suppose Mom put your brother’s name on her bank account, brother files bankruptcy and the trustee in bankruptcy claims all or 1/2 of the bank account? You call up the trustee and he says, “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do.”

The solution to the first scenario is that your Estate Plan must include a valid Durable Power of Attorney to address this issue. The solution to the second situation is – you need an Estate Plan that protects against the myriad of mistakes that people make using “old school” planning in the modern, difficult world we live in.

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For those of you boiling water — hang in there, but remember – it can be a lot worse!

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