We all hear it from time to time: someone complaining that whatever project they were working on faltered and certain aspects came up short. True… things don’t always go right and sometimes it is the fault of others that causes failure. On the other hand, while we often would like to avoid this truism, we, ourselves, are often in part or totally at fault for the very thing we are griping about.

The most frequent missing piece is follow through! Whatever the project, whether you are in charge or you are responsible for one piece of a larger puzzle, if you want to be part of a successful endeavor – it is critical to follow through with those you are coordinating with – whether they are your equals, subordinates, superiors, paid professionals, or vendors. Of course, the manner of following up on their end of the project may vary depending on your relationship in the job sector, but follow through is nonetheless critical. It does no good for you to do “your job” if others falter and the end result is a late, wrong, or an utter flop of a project. You will not benefit by being part of the failure even if your role was “perfect.”

I see this all the time. I will inquire, “So where do you stand on such-and-such project?” Often, the response I receive is a complaint, “I assigned such-and-such task to so-and-so… and so-and-so has not done what they were assigned to do.” When I receive the “whose on first” response I think to myself, “Ah yes, the Stooges have survived.” My reply, however, is, “Like it or not, you need to find a way to get so-and-so to do their part, or do it yourself. Otherwise, you have failed.” Typically, a look of dismay and hidden contempt flashes my way to this response, but that’s because the annoyed recipient is forgetting the big picture – getting the job done!

On my end, I know my next move is to follow up with the annoyed recipient, again, and again, and again – to make sure they are motivated to motivate the others down the line to get the project done. The biggest point is that I know I must first follow through on my follow through – in order for them to do so – and by doing so, the chance of success is high. Failing to do so, the chance of failure is an equivalent outcome.

Bottom line – if you want success, follow through on yourself and those who you wish would follow through on their own!

Enjoy the weekend. Warmer weather, sunshine and Happy Days are coming!


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