Yes – these are difficult times. The Pandemic continues, and the prospects of a surge lingers – as well as the question we are all asking – “When will we see a return to our normal lives?” I remember in April saying to myself, “Let’s shut things down through May, bite the bullet and then we can get back to the norm.” So much for that plan. For me, the glass always remains on the filled side, not the empty. Is it 1/3 full, 1/2 or 2/3’s full toward a return to normal? I don’t know the measure, but I do know I will continue to focus on the “filled side” and not the depressing “empty.”

On the bright side, our basement has never been tidier, every drawer of my desk is spot-on organized, and I find myself in search of the “to-do projects” rather than suggesting that they can wait until the weekday after Friday! So, here’s another “to-do” item for many that never gets done. Do your Estate Plan or redo it – if it’s more than 10 years old. This is a project that people put off – usually not because of fear of facing their mortality – but rather because there are other things that seem to fill the calendar, leaving the Estate Plan for later. Since these days it is a time where we are short on other things to do – it is the time to get it done!

An Estate Plan is critical – in three areas. For the Millennials – if you have minor children, you need to have a guardian designation for your children in the event, god forbid, that both you and your spouse should pass away. This decision should not be the topic of competing grandparent concerns. You need to pick the right relative or friend to care for your kids while they are minors. For all of us, the Estate Plan also addresses living, as well as dying. The Durable Power of Attorney (the “DPOA”) is critical. It allows your agent (typically a spouse or child) to act for you while living. If the need for emergency nursing home/Medicaid planning arises – when you are no longer able to act, the DPOA allows your family to make the necessary urgent moves without having to run to the Probate Court. The Healthcare Power or Patient Advocate – is also critical while living. This allows your agent to direct the hospital as to your care when you are not capable of acting. When these issues arise – they are the tough times for a family – and while having the right documents doesn’t alleviate the pain, they do make a difficult situation more tolerable – rather than worse. Finally, the Will and Living Trust, address the disposition of your assets upon death and if done right – your survivors avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to probate the matter.

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Remember – the glass is partially filled toward our return to normal!


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