For starters, if you’ve been anywhere other than Texas this week – that’s a good thing. To me, the thought of freezing cold and no water or heat for 4 days is beyond misery. After all, I’m known for three layers of clothes when I golf if it is under 65 degrees! There are other things to be happy about. We don’t have to watch or witness any more Impeachment Trials – for, my guess is – a long time. The news on the vaccines is also positive – though trying to successfully get an appointment for a vaccine will probably result in a lot of hair loss over the next six months. All told,  I think we are edging toward a better place. March is around the corner, which means the Master in April, Summer in June, and, let’s cross our fingers and hope – control over the Pandemic.

On the financial side, in recent months we’ve witnessed an increase in clients seeking our help to resolve Credit Card Debt through Debt Resolution,  the process we use to settle credit card debt in the 15 %- 60% range per card over an 18–24-month period. On average, settlements are in the 35-38% range over the wide range of lenders. We can tell you the ones that historically settle low and those that are higher and, when we review a client’s situation, we estimate the outcome based on the mix of cards. Debt Resolution – the way we do it – is like no other settlement process. It is not “Debt Settlement” which is a four-year program that promises a Rolls Royce and doesn’t typically deliver a motorless buggy cart. We use what we call, “The Power of the Minimum Monthly Payment” to resolve the debt. Instead of making your monthly payment for years – and I mean many years, we have you stop paying on the card and then use the monthly payments you would have been making to resolve the debt. With 18-24 of those payments over that that time frame, the plan is designed to negotiate and settle all the debt, cover all legal costs, including any lawsuits that could occur (Debt Settlement Companies don’t defend you because for one, they are not lawyers, and two, they don’t want to spend the money on lawyers!) as well as any tax consequences, which we always analyze and take into account in evaluating the program.

You would think the best reason to do Debt Resolution is to get out of debt. That’s a good reason – but it is not the best. The best reason is that once you get rid of the debt and instead, bank the minimum monthly payments into your 401k and your savings account – in 10 years and then in 20 years – you have a boat load of money saved for retirement. If this hits home, I encourage you to watch our Free Webinar – online at your convenience by clicking on the link below. Or better yet – just call us and we will schedule a free consultation to review with your – your best option.

Enjoy the Sunshine. Warmer weather and better days are ahead – I promise.


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