Of course, there is no better time to talk fireworks like the week of July 4th. I can think of two situations where the fun and glory of the fireworks is something we’d prefer to avoid. The first is keeping “Man’s best friend”, the dog, happy! The solution here is to make sure they can’t hear the fireworks! Good luck with that. For our dog friends, the good news is that July 4th is only one day per year – and even with a couple days of carryover blasts, the fireworks are gone until next year for our cherished canines.

The other type of “fireworks” to avoid is the needless battles that can ensue when someone fails to have in place a proper Estate Plan. These “fireworks” can occur while living and post-mortem. While living, if you become incapacitated to the extent you cannot legally act for yourself – unless you have already given someone a Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney to act on your behalf while you are still living – your family will need to engage an attorney and have a Conservator and Guardian appointed to take care of you. This is a hassle that costs money, takes time, and serves to unravel your family members who are already stressed out trying to attend to your needs. Avoiding this crisis is simple. Do an estate plan while you’re living – which will include the Powers of Attorney you need.

There are post-mortem fireworks also. Failing to have a Will and Trust prepared that addresses your assets and beneficiaries properly leads to chaos after you are gone – often time pitting family members against each other, fighting over your assets in the Probate Court. You may be resting in peace – but I assure you – your family will not be at peace when they are suing each other! Avoiding this crisis is also simple. Do a proper Estate Plan while you’re living.

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Enjoy the holiday week and warm sunny days – and remember – avoid the “fireworks you don’t need!”

Have a great week.

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