My wife, daughter, and I were enjoying a stroll early on Saturday evening in Miami. To our right and just ahead of us, my wife noticed a convertible and remarked, “I didn’t know they still make Sebrings.” I looked over and noticed a black convertible with what looked like the Sebring logo on the back though it seemed the tail lights were customized in contrast to what I remembered. The top was down and the driver was strolling along with a look of contentment. As I pulled up to the light, I moved just ahead of him, noticing the grill and confirming to myself it was a Sebring. As he edged even with me, I smiled and said, “Nice ride, I haven’t seen a Sebring in a while and it looks great.”

In response, I received a look of utter disdain from the driver, as he said, “This is not a Sebring, buddy.” I raised my eyebrows as he drove off, wondering, why he seemed so angry. The three of us all turned out heads to each other, laughed and said, “Wow, was he angry.”

Our travels that night ended shortly, having arrived at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner at the Aventura Mall. When dinner was over, I handed my ticket in at the valet stand, and sure enough, parked on display at the stand was my angry friend’s car. I took a good look this time and discovered that what I thought was the Sebring logo, was actually a Maserati!

As my rented car arrived, I signaled for my wife and daughter and told them what I learned. Needless to say, we all got a nice laugh over the issue and I remarked, “Boy, I bet he never thought he’d receive a compliment like that when he forked the cash out for his Maserati!”

Have a great weekend, unless you happen to have a Maserati!