No one expected it, but you are now facing financial crisis. You are concerned and frightened for the future. What should you do? How do you protect your family? Web sites and media post generic information. The pundits spew so much information that you come away confused, angry, and even more frightened. What should you do first? What’s second? What is your best plan? This is the problem . . . everyone offers answers, but none of them are for you.

I have been solving financial crisis issues for people my entire career. As an individual, you need your own individual solution. Should you pay your bills? Should you hoard cash? Should you tap into your IRA or 401(k), or should you run up your credit cards? What other options do you have? What are the smartest moves? What will cause economic disaster and what will avoid it? The solution is individual to you. Protecting yourself and your family is the number one priority. Watching Fox or CNN will not provide the answers. You need the advice of a professional financial crisis attorney.

You need help to navigate through your options to find the optimal solution for your family. We will help you find the least costly most effective method to address your personal financial crisis. It does not matter what CNN says and it does not matter what the government says.The only thing that matters is how you best protect yourself and your family. The goal for each client is the same: reduce risk, maximize cash, and prioritize based on needs. Implementation differs based on your personal situation.

We have been here helping Michiganders for over 38 years. Call today for a free professional consultation to manage your financial crisis and create your Covid-19 Financial Survival plan. We are now 100% virtual so we can do consultations over the phone or via video conferencing. You should not wait. Every day without a solution to your financial crisis leaves you at greater risk and with more anxiety. Together, we will get through this. You can reach us by phone at 248.645.1700 or at 888.235.4357 or email me at

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