As I backed down my driveway today, I glanced down to look at my back up camera and then for some reason, I glanced up at the rearview mirror. I thought isn’t it funny how times have changed and we don’t use the mirror much anymore, instead we rely on tech and how it supposedly makes our lives better.

Did you know that the average person spends:

  • 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media
  • The average teen spends 3 hours and 17 minutes per day on social media
  • The average American spends 3 hours and 45 minutes per day on their phone,

The average American spends more than four hours per day watching TV, and yet spends less than 5 hours per week outside with nature. The experts say that we spend so much time on the phone and watching tv because we are trying to avoid addressing stressful issues in our lives. We get to avoid reality when we bury our heads in tech.

As 2021 ends and 2022 begins, I want to share my New Year’s Resolution with all of you. I have chosen to seek a fresh start when it comes to how I spend my free time. I am not suggesting that I will become some sort of fitness junkie or health food nut, I just plan on putting the phone down and turning off the TV more often. Tech has replaced the joy of taking a walk, reading a book, or sitting outside on the back porch. For me, it’s time to put the tech down and smell the roses.

So, as you all take in the end of your 2021 and reach for 2022, remember, regardless of the stress, the legal problems or other issues you may face, one of the solutions may be to put down the tech and take stock in who you are and what you want from life. If you find yourself facing problems that you have ignored while burying your head in tech, such as financial issues, deb issues, tax issues or other legal issues, we are here to help so that you can focus on being the best person in 2022 that you can be. Tech will always be here, but it should not be a substitute for reality. So, put down the tech and look in the rearview mirror, it might just be the catalyst to the fresh start you deserve.

Happy New Year. Be safe, be healthy, and be prosperous!

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