Simply stated – Congress is divided and so is America.

Division breeds ignorance, and in my view and we are all witnessing more than our share of it – on every side of the isle. Wash, Rinse, Repeat… the story of American politics.

So, instead of focusing on Congress – let me focus on something that everyone should be able to agree upon. We all live – and we all die. We need to plan our lives as we live them – and logic dictates we need a plan in place for our latter stage of life. This means we need an Estate Plan – which includes a Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Power of attorney to address issues before we pass — when we are not able or capable of handling our affairs – and a Will and Trust to cover our demise. The Trust, if funded, eliminates the need to waste the time and money on Probate proceedings.

Do you agree with me? I should think so – stating something concrete and non-debatable is sure easier than arguing about the things we’ve been watching unfold in the news! So, let me ask you a couple of questions? Do you have an up to date Estate Plan? If not, why not? Does your plan have a properly drafted Durable Power of Attorney to allow last minute and necessary Medicaid Planning in case your family has no choice but to transfer you to a nursing care facility? Have you planned correctly to make sure if you pass away and your spouse remarries that your assets will be preserved for your children after your spouse dies – rather than going to the children of the spouse your mother of father chooses to select once widowed? Do you think this problem ever happens? Trust me – it does.

Recently a friend of mine told me a story about that same thing happening to his parents. When he was around 10, his grandmother died. His grandfather remarried a couple years later. Shortly thereafter, he died, and his estate ultimately went to the children of his second wife, who died six months after he did. He told me that there were significant complaints around the house from his father and mother who felt that they had lost their inheritance unfairly!

Be smart – make sure you have an Estate Plan – with current documents and thought going into how you want your estate to ultimately pass. It just so happens we offer free consultations on this very subject. They can be both in person and virtual. Call us today and put your estate in order, 248.645.1700.

Have a great week!

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