Oftentimes – we are hired to assist a client in fighting off creditors. Strategy varies from one case to another because situations are different, BUT THE GOAL IS ALWAYS THE SAME- REDUCE OR ELIMINATE THE DEBT IN THE FASTEST, LEAST COSTLY FASHION.

There are times when we seek resolutions with the creditors by persuading them to accept our terms as a better alternative than what will result if the client files for bankruptcy relief, and there are times when bankruptcy makes the most sense, and we make sure the creditors get nothing. The problems are individual to the individual, and the solutions are individual to the individual.

When pursuing solutions– we love our program called Debt Resolution. It is designed to resolve and eliminate your credit card debt/ personal loans and medical debt over an 18-24 month period through the power of the minimum monthly payment. Our clients save the minimum monthly amount and create a financial war chest to negotiate excellent reductions in the amounts owed rather than using the same funds to keep paying for the rest of their life.

Our program is not like the debt settlement companies you constantly hear on the radio and t.v. – their programs fail for several reasons:

1. They overcharge.

2. They design the program to take 4 years (too long).

3. They put people in the program who do not have the necessary cash flow to make settlement realistic.

4. If you do get sued – they don’t defend you.

I consider all of these debt settlement companies “scam artists” – where you are sold b.s. by a sales rep over the phone. For that matter, in our opinion, even the programs that deal with “Debt Consolidation,” which is a service that buys you time and interest rate reductions – do nothing for you in the long run. It takes forever to pay off the debt and extends the time period before your credit score improves.

Our Debt Resolution solution is not right for everyone. If your situation does not allow the cash flow to save the money war chest, – then the better solution is usually bankruptcy or other alternative strategies we have developed.

The key is “to eliminate the debt at the least cost and as fast as possible.” This is the solid concept that underlies our approach to dealing with your debt. WE WILL FIND THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU.

Single solution companies only promote their service– and if needed, they will hide or lie rather than tell you what you really need. Since we provide Bankruptcy, Debt Resolution, and alternate strategies, we seek the best solution for you – without limitations.

If you want to learn how to get out from under the debt that is destroying your future and stealing your chance to one day retire – contact us today at (888) 235-4357 for a FREE Consultation, and we will find the best solution for you.