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Let’s Look On The Bright Side

For starters, if you’ve been anywhere other than Texas this week – that’s a good thing. To me, the thought of freezing cold and no water or heat for 4 days is beyond misery. [...]

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It’s Time For A Better Financial Song

The Holiday season has begun . . . but it feels completely different. The Pandemic has put fear regarding our health and economic future center stage at the time we want to be sharing [...]

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Is Your House In Order?

Do you have an estate plan? You know… a Will, a Trust, Patient Advocate and Durable Power of Attorney? The biggest question is, “Is your house in order?” By that, I mean two things [...]

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It’s Time To Do That Which Is Usually Inconvenient

Yes – these are difficult times. The Pandemic continues, and the prospects of a surge lingers – as well as the question we are all asking – “When will we see a return to our [...]

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What If They Take Away My Available Credit?

There are a number of questions I get asked about Credit Cards – but the two most common are, “What if they take away my Available Credit?” and “What about my Credit Score?” Let’s [...]

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COVID Financial Hotspots: So Do I Have To Go Back To Work?

These are difficult times and we face difficult decision. What if you are drawing unemployment at the Federal and State level – taking home $700 – just shy of $1,000 per week -- your [...]

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COVID-19 Financial Survival Free Webinar to Build Your Strategy!

I think we can summarize the financial situation succinctly – “it sucks.” I recognize the words are rather crass – but the situation – for the vast majority of all Americans – is dire [...]

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The COVID-19 Financial Crisis . . . What Should You Do?

No one expected it, but you are now facing financial crisis. You are concerned and frightened for the future. What should you do? How do you protect your family? Web sites and media post generic [...]

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COVID-19: I’m Out Of Work And Have Limited / No Cash…What To Do?

I will cut to the chase. We don’t know how long this will last – but each day means less money (or no money) to pay for essential items and greater fear. Here are [...]

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Art Van Closing – One Way To Recover The Extended Warranty Cost

Like all Michiganders, I feel profound sadness for the closing of Art Van; for the loss of its mark on Michigan, and for the thousand of loyal employees who are losing their jobs. From [...]

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There’s A New Legislation In Michigan That Might Save Your Job…Well, At Least Get A Job.

Everyone knows that having a prior criminal conviction can affect your ability to get a job, sometimes apply for student loans, and even prevent your license from being suspended. Now that could all change. [...]

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