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Your Estate Plan Is Probably Out Of Date

Oh, come on. Redoing an estate plan sounds about as exciting as purchasing tires! Well, it just so happens that tires are a perfect analogy. It is not fun to buy tires; it is necessary if the tread is unsafe - leaving your tires, your foundation for safety on [...]

Can I Afford To Settle My Credit Card Debt?

Pause for a second and ask, “What does that mean – Can I afford to settle my credit card debt?” Of course, you know it’s a mistake to carry credit card debt and pay usurious rate interest to credit card companies. If you have $50,000 of credit card debt [...]

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September Morn . . .

It seems like yesterday . . . the sadness I felt at the end of the summer recess, coupled with some excitement for the start of the new school year. For me, the sadness of summer's end was weightier than the excitement of the school return. A couple of [...]

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Stress, Financial Crisis, Garbage Cans, and Let the Sunshine In

The father of a friend of mine passed away. His father was a wonderful guy, but organization was not his thing. My friend was stressed over his death and went into panic mode - sifting through endless stacks of documents. Instead of looking at the documents, he was just [...]

Sorry To Tell You…But Your Estate Plan Is Probably Out Of Date!

Oh, come on. Redoing my estate plan sounds about as exciting as purchasing tires! Well, it just happens that tires are a perfect analogy. No one wants to buy tires; it is a necessity that occurs when the tread reaches a dangerous level - leaving your tires, the foundation [...]

Why You Need An Estate Plan

This is a simple question, and the answer is a stark reality. Your future – like it or not – includes illness and, ultimately, death. You need an estate plan to address both contingencies. If you’re a young married couple with children – you also need an Estate Plan [...]

Should I Take The Deal?

Clients often ask me this question and I always ask myself the same question. Sometimes it is in the employment context. Should I accept the offer or ask for more money? In this case, my advice is usually, “Go ahead and ask.” My reasoning is that if they have [...]

Retired / Near Retirement And In Debt?

If I file bankruptcy, will they take away my life savings? In other words, do I get to keep my retirement money? Retirement plans such as your 401k and IRA’s are protected in bankruptcy no matter what chapter of bankruptcy you file, pensions are too. Your pension plan is [...]

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Is Your House In Order?

Do you have an estate plan? You know… a Will, a Trust, Patient Advocate and Durable Power of Attorney? The biggest question is, “Is your house in order?” By that, I mean two things – if you die, have your taken the steps to protect your family? Secondly, if [...]

What Is The Longest Period You Can Wait To Save For Retirement?

This is a loaded question. The answer is, "However long you have waited, you have waited the longest time you can!"I will state the obvious to anyone who is 55+ years and wishes they would have begun planning for retirement much earlier. With that knowledge, the answer is simple, “You [...]

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