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Ken – So, How Do You Settle Credit Card Debt?

A lot of friends ask me this, because they know Thav Gross has made a mark for resolving credit card debt outside of bankruptcy – though a process we call “Debt Resolution.” In 2007, [...]

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Oh, If I Could Just Do It All Over Again

Have you said these words? I have – and I know you have. Inevitably, it means you made a mistake and would like a redo. We say it, but we know there are no [...]

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Is it a Good Thing? Consumer Spending Declined and Savings Increased

Last month – the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.3% - slightly off the 3% growth rate for the last 3 quarters of 2017. The major drawback to growth was a 3.3% decline [...]

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It Takes Effort to Get it Right – You Must Follow Through!

We all hear it from time to time: someone complaining that whatever project they were working on faltered and certain aspects came up short. True... things don’t always go right and sometimes it is the [...]

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Are You A Deadbeat or a Revolver? Intoxicants Come in Different Forms

It sucks you in. When you use it, you feel good; You have obtained the high you were looking for. When used with moderation, it can provide a useful function and on the positive [...]

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There is Nothing Fun About – Mom or Dad Needs the Nursing Home!

Let me share some hard facts about life. One out of three of us will need nursing home care. The average stay in a nursing home is 31 months. The average monthly cost of [...]

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Teach Your Children by Setting an Example on Credit Cards

The actions we take as parents create an imprint on our children – and this extends beyond what we think we are teaching them by way of discussion. Actions do speak louder than words. [...]

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Can the U.S Handle its Debt? Can You Handle Your Debt?

Congress seems to be at a standstill again. Us vs. Them. Republicans vs. Democrats. Do nothing vs. Do Nothing. It is amazing... no matter who is in office you can expect the government to [...]

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Helping Your Family When You’re Gone – Eliminate the Procrastinator

Are you a Procrastinator? I understand it is not uncommon, particularly when it comes to family matters, to procrastinate. If I could put off taking the trash out on Sunday – I certainly would [...]

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Did Your Take-Home Pay Increase? Great – Let’s Get Back To The Basics!

The new withholding charts are being released, and 90% of W-2 wage earners should realize an increase in their take-home pay. That’s great! "Let’s go shopping!" Hold on a second. Is that what you [...]

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I Will Try Not To Be Debbie Downer…Household Debt Is On The Rise

I noticed this in the Wall Street Journal online today: "Broad growth in borrowing over the summer months was the latest sign of consumer confidence as the U.S. economy enjoys the lowest unemployment rate [...]

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The New Consumer Financial Protection Board – “TAHB”

Times move fast in Washington - that is, when it comes to reporting new controversies - not progress. If you can remember back to last weekend - the hot topic was that Richard Cordray resigned [...]

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I’m Sorry, There’s Nothing We Can Do

Don't you just hate these words? I do. The scenario is typically the same. You're requesting assistance from someone at an organization, and no matter what you say to them - there is some [...]

By |November 1st, 2017|Categories: Estate Plans, Financial, Nursing Care, Power Of Attorney|0 Comments
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