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The New Consumer Financial Protection Board – “TAHB”

Times move fast in Washington - that is, when it comes to reporting new controversies - not progress. If you can remember back to last weekend - the hot topic was that Richard Cordray resigned [...]

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I’m Sorry, There’s Nothing We Can Do

Don't you just hate these words? I do. The scenario is typically the same. You're requesting assistance from someone at an organization, and no matter what you say to them - there is some [...]

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From Impossible to Possible – Having the Durable Power of Attorney

I was fortunate. My father lived a long, healthy life to age 91. His last year was difficult with dementia, a fall leading to rehab, and then another leading to the nursing home. But [...]

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Waiting Too Long Is Devastating To Your Future

Meet Betty and Fred. They are 70 and 71, respectively. They own their home that has returned to limited equity of $25,000 following the financial crisis. Their mortgage payment is $1,500 per month and [...]

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I Slept Well Last Night

I slept well last night. These are words that I enjoy hearing. Unfortunately, they typically come because the client has told me that they have spent the last six months to three years not sleeping, [...]

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Houston…we have a problem!

Houston...we have a problem! In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article indicating that the Financial Health of Americans has improved. The article indicates in a survey that “A total of 70% of [...]

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I Hate When This Happens

There is nothing worse than learning of a disaster that could have easily been avoided with proper planning, but now it's too late. In the area of emergency Nursing Home Planning, we see it [...]

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